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Forced Order
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What is the mascot of McKinley High School?Showmance
What is Emma's job?Showmance
How many kids must the Glee club have in order to compete at regionals?Showmance
If Finn quits the Glee Club, Quinn will let him touch her...Showmance
What genre of music does Mr. Shuester want the Glee Club to perform at the pep assembly?Showmance
Who convinced Will and Terri to get a house? Showmance
What restaurant will Terri and Will stop eating at if they buy the house? Showmance
Who sings 'Golddigger' in order to show Finn how it's done? Showmance
What eating disorder does Emma think that Rachel have?Showmance
What song is Emma shown singing in her car while she's crying?Showmance
Who does Rachel have a crush on?Showmance
Who get's caught using the Cheerio's copy machine? (name one)Showmance
Who catches them using the copy machine?Showmance
Who said 'Everybody loves Disco!'Showmance
What job does Will do in order to be able the grand foyer in the new house?Showmance
What club does Rachel join to impress Finn?Showmance
Who does Finn picture when he's trying to keep from 'erupting' too early?Showmance
What do the girls and boys of the Celibacy club stick between them during their meeting?Showmance
Who was Rachel paired with during this activity?Showmance
What does Will put on Emma's nose to test her OCD?Showmance
What song does the Glee Club sing at the assembly?Showmance
Whose budget is Figgins cutting in order to buy new costumes for the Glee Club?Showmance
Which fruit does Emma individually polish before she eats it?Showmance
Who did Finn ask for help with his singing?Showmance
What did Terri find out after going to the doctor?Showmance
Which three Cheerios audition to be in The New Directions. (name one)Showmance
What is Sue's nickname for Quinn?Showmance
Which room does Terri decide to turn into the nursery?Showmance
What gender does Terri tell Will the baby is going to be?Showmance
What song does Rachel sing that is directed towards Finn and Quinn?Showmance

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