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What state does Glee take place in?Pilot
What designer does Kurt say he's wearing before he get's thrown into the dumpster?Pilot
What's the name of the high school? Pilot
Who is the principal?Pilot
Who must pay for Glee club?Pilot
What does Will decide to name the Glee club?Pilot
What song does Mercedes sing at her audition?Pilot
What song does Kurt sing at his audition?Pilot
What song does Tina sing at her audition?Pilot
What does Rachel sing at her audition?Pilot
What does Rachel put next to her name after she signs up?Pilot
What kind of class was Rachel shown doing as a child?Pilot
Who is shown commenting on Rachel's MySpace video?Pilot
How many original members are there in the Glee club?Pilot
What group does Figgins want to let use the auditorium rather than the Glee Club?Pilot
What is the name of Will's wife?Pilot
What is she trying to teach Howard to do when she is first introduced as a character?Pilot
Where does she work?Pilot
Who does Will see at Sheets-N-Things?Pilot
What is the former Glee Club director selling to make money?Pilot
What does Emma get stuck on her shoe that Will helps her remove?Pilot
What sports team does Will talk to in order to recruit members to the Glee Club?Pilot
Who did Will catch singing in the locker room? Pilot
What did Will use blackmail Finn into joining the Glee Club?Pilot
What instrument is Finn shown playing as child?Pilot
What was the name of the company that Finn and his mother splurged on?Pilot
What does Finn's mother throw at her ex-boyfriend's truck after he leave her?Pilot
What's the first song that Rachel and Finn do as a duet?Pilot
Which of the Glee Club Members gets upset because she doesn't like being a back up singer?Pilot
Where does Terri spend a lot of her money?Pilot
In order for people to use the paper shredder, they must be trained by whom?Pilot
Who signs up to be the chaperone for the Glee Club when they go on a field trip?Pilot
What does Finn say his mother had removed during surgery?Pilot
What high school is the Glee Club going to visit?Pilot
Who does Finn say is his girlfriend?Pilot
What club is she president of?Pilot
What kind of sandwich do Emma and Will share?Pilot
What does Will say Terri is allergic to?Pilot
What is the name of the Glee Club who is performing?Pilot
What song do they perform?Pilot
What is Finn shot with as punishment for lying to the football team?Pilot
What big news does Terri announce to will?Pilot
What profession is Will going to be now that he knows what Terri's big news is?Pilot
Who helps Will realize that he doesn't want to quit being a teacher?Pilot
What's the name of Finn's best friend?Pilot
Who did the football team lock in a portable toilet?Pilot
What song does hear that encourages him to go back to Glee Club?Pilot
Who does Finn put in charge of recruiting the jazz band?Pilot
Who does Finn put in charge of costumes?Pilot
Who does Finn put in charge of the choreography?Pilot
What color are all the glee club members wearing in the final song of the episode?Pilot

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