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Kpop songs relay 2 (Answer for no.1 is Excuse me)

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Groups/SingerSong titleHint
AOAAngel's Knock, 2017.01.02
Zicofeat Zion.T
Gugudanna na gateun ae, released in 2017
IUKim Soohyun appeared in this MV.
AOADebut song
SeventeenSlip into the diamond life oh!
I.O.I1! 2! 3! 4! Mic check! 1! 2!
BTSSnow, train, sewol ferry
B.A.PReleased in 2015.11.15, tiger, Yongguk cover his eyes, race car
SF9Released in 2017,Breaking sensation
VictonIce ice my baby
Block B Bastarz--
Infinite1st Album “OVER THE TOP” , 2 words 6 letters (t_ _ t_ _)
G-dragonget your ____
BTSDebut song
SNSDReleased in 2014, 'You bad bad bad boy, you so bad'
ApinkThe girls wearing white shirt,released in 2015.
Hyunaa colour
K.A.R.DThey release a hidden ver mv (english ver)
Oh my girlTitle song of Pink ocean,'I think so yaya'
Hyunafeat Ilhoon (BtoB)
I.O.IProduce 101
Groups/SingerSong titleHint
SHINeeReleased in 2013.10.14 , (Wow!) ____ wake up (wake up)
Block BReleased in 2017.02.06
MadtownReleased in 2014.10.06 , [ep]Madtown
K.A.R.DFeat Youngji
Block B몇 년 후에 (myeot neon hue)
TaeyeonThis is a single released in 2016.02.03
Block Bgugugaga gugugaga
Oh my girlfeat Skull. it's a very cute and sweet song.
HenryReleased in March 2017, same title as Bigbang's album
PSYHey where you get that body from
Mamamoo넌 is 뭔들 (neon is mwondeul)
SHINee1 and 1 – The 5th Album Repackage
Miss A다른 남자 말고 너 , Twice's Nayeon, Chaeyoung, Tzuyu, Momo
EXID^ v ^ ^ v (direction)
LovelyzLovelyz 2nd Album Repackage [지금, 우리], released in 2017.
Monsta XFeat Wheein of Mamamoo
Bigbang#5 single : M, Bae bae
SHINeeThe sound of phone ringing
ZE:AYou make me feel a li li live , Released in 2013
iKONThey wearing pajamas, B.I holding a wooden chopstick package with 'Thank you very much' written

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