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Guess the song I like (2016)

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Nu'estTitle song
Oh My GirlTitle song
SS301Title song
Block B2017...2018...
Taeyeonrainbow come after a ____
(Produce 101) Girls on topThis song was composed by jinyoung of B1A4
BtoB'So pretty girl So pretty girl So pretty'
AmberAn english song
JJCCTitle song
B.A.P'Your voice is like a sweet jelly'
MamamooThey take 1st place for this song.
TaeyeonSomething that cannot tell anyone
Block B'Now you know, all you need is me'
KNKTitle song
Lee HiThe MV was cute.
Lee HiThis song was composed by jonghyun of SHINee.
Oh My GirlThis song was composed by jinyoung of B1A4.
BtoBTitle song

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