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Guess the kpop songs by fill in the blank 2

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Hey, my dad brought me a new _____ ___Oh my girl
I ____ ____ love youWinner
Let's watch a ___ tonight.BtoB
___ ____. Have a sweet dream.Dream catcher
Are you a ___? How can you make this mistake?Winner
___! It's a big news!Lovelyz
There's a gap ______ __.CNblue
Please ___ __ __ at 9 a.m.B.A.P
I will _____ the important part for you.Seventeen (Performance team)
You will never find _ ___ ___ __!Gugudan
____ ____, anybody's home?Twice
Everything he said is _ ___.B1A4
My favorite fruit is ______. Subin
Please don't ____ on the glass.KNK
Let's call it a day. We'll continue _____.BTS
They _____ visit that cafe together.Apink
I will stay at Japan for a ____.Chungha
I heard some ____ about him.K.A.R.D
You better ____ ___.SF9
I ____ __ my mom will cook for me tonight.Junhyung (Highlight)

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