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Missing lyricsAnswerGroups/Singer
I was a ___Winner
You got me like ____ ____Seventeen
Yes I want some ___ ____PSY
I'm like __ just like __Twice
You lookin’ for a ___ that’s realerK.A.R.D
My love is on ___Blackpink
I'm 365 so ___Triple H
I love you baby I’m not a _____Bigbang
Tie up a ___Beast
____ plus ordinaryBTS
Does she love me Does she love me ___Seventeen
Missing lyricsAnswerGroups/Singer
Everybody say __BTS
I gave you all my ___ ___K.A.R.D
Your ____ is like heavenWinner
You’re my ____, ____ heroPristin
It must be L.O.V.E ___ percent, sure of thatAKMU
Just like her I wanna be ____2NE1
I got it from my ___PSY
Every time I show up, ___ __ uhBlackpink
I need you _, _, _, _KNK
You like the ___KNK
This is how we ______iKON

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