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Can you name the Johnny Depp Film by its shoddy description?

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Forced Order
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Depp is killed by a dreamy man with scissors for hands and a garish jumper.1984
Depp dons similar hand accessories to the killer of the previous film, but thinks better of the jumper.1990
Not scissors this time - a straight razor allows Depp to give his customers a close shave.2007
Yet Detective Depp can barely contemplate blood without fainting in this tired hamlet...1999
...much in contrast to his dealings in Vietnam - although Depp only has a minor role.1986
Depp has no conscience in this film either, although all he does is 'cross an imaginary line with a bunch of plants'.2001
Here, Depp takes crime a step further during the Great Depression - very much Desirable Number 1.2009
And that's exactly who he's hunting down in London,1881 - with the help of his psychic visions.2001
Again Depp plays at being Detective (well, CIA Agent) but this time he can barely see for looking by the end of the film.2003
As a successful author in this film, Depp again struggles to see what is really going on - even the viewer is confused about Shooter.2004
Playing another (initially less successful) writer, Depp makes viewers weep when he arranges for his play to be performed in his sick friend's home.2004
Again, Depp looks after (and falls in love with) an ill woman - this time she doesn't die.1993
Love is very much in the air again when confectionery enlivens a French village.2000
Depp plays another outlaw, 'ergo' he is arrested numerous times, despite having a compass that doesn't point north.2003
Again, Depp plays a slightly crazy 'man' who (much like the previous character) also rather likes hats, in this fantastic land.2010
Completely deluded this time, Depp thinks he is a famous lover and runs about in a Zorro costume.1994
Another character deludes herself, believing Depp has married her - when the poor soul was only trying to steel his nerves in the woods.2005

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