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Name a gurg from book 5
Ron's foreign disguise in book 7
Who visits the Gaunt's home in book 6? (flashback)
How old is Dumbledore said to be?
What is the core of Fleur's wand?
What does Ron tell the veela he's invented?
Where is Slytherin's common room?
What do you tickle to get into the kitchens?
Who is the muggle at the gate in the quidditch world cup?
What confuses Arthur Weasley at the train station? (book 5)
What does Hagrid do on the train in the first book?
Grey Lady's real name?
Hepzibah Smith's house elf?
Tom Riddle's first job after leaving Hogwarts?
What gets spilled on Percy's picture of Penelope Clearwater?
Who are the books about?
Who did BIll Weasley marry? (full name)
What is Ron buying when crookshanks jumps on his head?
Katie Bell's friend in book 6?
What gets written on Marietta Edgecombe's forhead?
What is written on Dobby's gravestone?
What is Seamus Finnigan's patronus?
Who kills Bellatrix?
What represents the Deathly Hallows? (symbol)
Dumbledore's mum?

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