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Season & EpisodeTitlePlot Summary
1.1Alex wants to go shopping with Harper. Max and Justin help cover for her
1.2Alex reverses time for Justin so his first kiss is not a disaster. Max makes a sandwich for the New York Mets.
1.3Alex uses a pocket elf to cheat on her midterm. Max and Justin use the pocket elf to pranke Alex.
1.4Alex gets Harper a job at the sub station. Justin starts a tutoring business.
1.5Alex meets another wizard and convinces her parents to use her magic whenever she wants. Max goes to Mars.
1.6Alex wants to learn how to ride the magic carpet. Justin helps teach her. Max helps decorate Alex's room.
1.7Alex unwillingly goes with Harper to Gigi's tea party. Max and Justin prank the wizard council.
1.8Alex buys Justin a dragon dog. They try to rescue it once it gets stolen.
1.9Alex want to go to the movies with Justin's friends. Alex and Justin end up inside the movie instead.
1.10Alex brings Justin's zit to life.
1.11Alex uses a potion to get a date, but ends up falling in love with herself. Justin competes for a spot at a school competition.
1.12Alex uses a genie which ends up making Justin disappear.
1.13Alex gets sent off to wizard school with Justin. Max spends quality time with his father.
1.14Alex tries to save Justin's powers from being stolen.
1.15Justin uses magic to get on the baseball team. Alex uses magic to make Justin look good.
1.16Alex convinces her dad to let her uncle teach her magic.
1.17Alex fails her wizard exam and tries to hide her report card from her parents and ends up turning them into guinea pigs. Max buys a big blow-up ball.
1.18Alex gets an internship at a fashion magazine and gets all her ideas stolen. Justin meets the new girl at the sub station and tries to impress her with Max's help.
1.19Alex makes Riley jealous by getting a fake boyfriend. Justin is in charger of Max and Alex for the weekend.
1.20Alex's 15th bitrhday party. Alex switches brains with Theresa so her mom can have the party she always wanted.
1.21Alex brings magical art pieces to life. Justin helps put them back. Max and his father find a spell to play football inside.
2.1Alex enters a competition against Justin that requires her to be smart. Alex wears smarty pants to get all the answers right.
2.2Justin's new girlfriend is a werewolf. Alex and Max try to help Justin become human after he is turned into a werewolf.
2.3Gigi is taken ito Alex's magical journal. Max, Justin, and Alex try to get her out without revealing their seccret.
2.4Alex wants to find out if Dean likes her, so she gives a car to Dean to race in. Max orders a mind-reading kit.
2.5To get Alex, Max, and Justin to work together, Jerry pretends to be a deli robber.
Season & EpisodeTitlePlot Summary
2.6Alex falls for Ronald, a wizard turning Wiz-Tech evil. Justintries to save Wiz-Tech
2.7After Alex is turned evil, Justin, Max, and Professor Crumbs help to save her.
2.8After trying to avoid Harper on her birthday, Alex reveals that she is a wizard.
2.9Alex tries to save the taxicab she was born in when it dies. Justin wants to find out where he was born. Max brings a gurney to life.
2.10Alex gets Cupid to solve her parents' arguement. Instead, Justin gets hit by the arrow and falls in love with Harper.
2.11Alex and Justin form a band to prove music is a valid career choice. Max becomes a magician.
2.12Justin is the director for the school play. Alex is forced to be Tinkerbell when Harper gets injured.
2.13Alex ruins a dress that Harper trusted her to keep safe for her employer's fashion show. Justin gets a date with models.
2.14Justin creates a helping hand which Alex uses to get all her chores done in time to hang out with Harper.
2.15Max makes up a disease to get out of PE. Alex makes her hart teacher young again, resulting in her favorite class being cancelled.
2.16Alex, Justin, and Max set out to find who had been writing books about their wizard adventures. Only to find out it was Harper from the future.
2.17Alex is forced to join the Happy Helper's Club and do good for other people. Max goes on his first date.
2.18Alex helps Hugh find his birth parents. Max seeks revenge on Alex.
2.19Mr. Laritate becomes Alex's mentor. Justin helps his mentor, the weatherman, by making all his weather predictions come true. All goes well, until Mother Nature finds out about it.
2.20When Alex and Harper switch brains, the spell goes wrong and Alex has two brains inside her head. Alex is forced to play charades with her family. Justin wants to break up with his new girlfriend, so he brings her to his house for family game night.
2.21Justin becomes close with Harper after seeing many silent movies. Alex becomes jealous and tries to break them up.
2.22Alex and Justin compete to become friends with Max's new tutor.
2.23Alex gets picked to paint a mural for the school; however, her painting doesn't go as planned when other kids start suggesting what to put on the mural.
2.24When Alex competes to give her dad the best birthday present, she give him powers for a day. When Jerry wishes for a milkshake machine, aliens come to Waverly Place.
2.25Justin wins an essay contest which allows him, Alex, and Max to take a cruise to Hawaii.
2.26Justin meets a cute girl from the competitor's restaurant and dates her behind his parents' back. He then finds out she is a vampire.
2.27Justin's new girlfriend get the Russo's to change their eating habits.
2.28Alex dates Dean in her dreams. Justin doesn't want to go on a vacation with his girlfriend.
2.29Zombies invade prom. The wizards and vmpires must team up to get them out of prom.
2.30When the wizard council calls for retest for Jerry, Kelbo, and their sister, Alex, Justin, and Max must convince their aunt to come back and take the test so they will be able to keep their powers.

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