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Forced Order
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What is Morgan's nickname for Garcia?
Who does Matthew Gray Gubler play?
Who 'killed' Prentiss?
In which episode does Haley Hotchner die?
What is JJ's son named?
Who shot Elle?
Where did Reid grow up?
What is JJ afraid of?
Who stabbed Hotch?
Who is Gideon's nemesis?
Who is Reid's nemesis?
Who is Morgan's nemesis?
Who is Prentiss' nemesis?
Who is Hotch's nemesis?
Who replaced JJ while she was on maternity leave?
Name one of Reid's PhDs.
Who plays Emily Prentiss?
Where did Morgan grow up?
How old was Garcia when her parents died?
Who is Henry's godfather?
Who is Henry's godmother?
How many times has Rossi been married?
How did Rossi's first wife die?
What is Gideon's son named?
Who did Rachel Nichols play?
What is Reid's mother's mental illness?
Who has an Eidetic memory?

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