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what is burke's def of rhetoric?
which terms require scenes to contain them
man is the symbol using (symbol making, __) animal
inventor of the __ (or __ by the __)
goaded by the spirit of __ (or moved by the sense of __) and rotten with __
__ is a term for the kind of behavior possible to a typically symbol using animal in contrast with the nonsymbolic operations of nature
there can be no __ without __ --that is, even the 'symbolic __' of pure thought requires corresponding motions of the brain
a __ approach to language begins with questions of naming or definition. the __ approach puts the primary stress upon such hortatory expressions as 'thou shalt not'
in explaining __ __, burke mentions a set of pictures altered by the addition of varying color filters
i should propose an initial working distinction between __ and __. these __ size up the __, name their structure and outstanding ingredients, and name them in a way that contains a
A is not identical with his colleague, B. but insofar as their interests are joined, A is __ with B. or he may __ himself with B even when their interests are not joined, if he ass
by __ __, one introduces new principles, while theoretically remaining faithful to old principles
the Aristotelian concept of the __, the notion that each being aims at the perfection natural to its kind
set under, such as stand, base, bottom, prop
__ definition = the definition of a substance in terms of ancestral cause
__ __ an object placed in its setting, existing both in itself and as part of its background
__ __ doubtless biologically derived from the experience of free motion
frequently, with metaphors of 'the way,' the __ stresses the sense of motivation from within
from the standpoint of our present study, all the foregoing types could be considered as special cases of a more inclusive category
whereas there is an implicit irony in the other notions of substance, with the __ __ the irony is explicit
__ __ would thus be the overall category of dramatism
in explaining this burkean concept, brummett says that the __ __ uses a synecdochal or metaphoric strategy in which a discourse is boiled down
men cannot themselves create a universe, there must remain something enigmatic...
__-__ __ where the synechdochic relationship is between person and place
burke says that all living things are __
__ __ = state of affairs whereby one's very abilities can function as blindness
__ __ __ e.g. 'a good catholic may feel that priests and guides are alike
__ __ = an error in interpretation, a case of faulty means selection
every __ involves a pleasure principle... __ is a system of servicability
__ are shorthand terms for situations
john dewey's concept of __ __ best characterizes.... when an economic or food-getting pattern is carried over into other areas of life
in its simplest manifestation, __ is ingratiation
the __ and __ rationalizations would thus be distinguished by the assusmption of universal regularity which could be manipulated by the proper formulae, whereas __ stressed... prop
__ is a system builder, a desire to round things out, to fit experiences together into a unified whole
for this reason we may consider the evangelist to be __
the great danger of analogy is that a __ is taken as evidence of an __
the __ of the Middle Ages were typical instances of planned incongruity
conventional form, also called __ __ does not only make for inclusions, it also makes for exclusions
__ tends to be conservative, the __ tends to be revolutionary. aristophanes was a __... socrates was __ and impious
it is not the naming in itself that does the work, but the __ __ implicit in such naming
by __ is meant the nodus of beliefs and judgments which the artist can exploit for his effects
__ in literature is an arousing and fulfillment of desires
__ __ is the form of a perfectly conducted argument, advancing step by step
__ __ is the form used when we are put into a state of mind which another state of mind can appropriately follow
language of reflection, selection, and deflection of reality to explain what 2 terms?

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