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Can you name the Do you know your Archs, Clefts and Pouches??

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Tympanic membrane
tensor veli palatini
what arch is innervated by Trigeminal nerve?
posterior belly of digastric
tympanic cavity
anterior belly of digastric
cranial nerve nine innervates what arch
Stylohyoid ligament
Muscles of mastication
Whats in the 2nd pouch?
nerve of 6th arch
pulmonary arteries, ductus arteriosis
Eustachian tube
Mandible, Maxilla
Meckel's cartilage
nerve of 2nd arch
inferior thyroid glands
True/False: Thymus is in the 3rd pouch
skeletal structure of 4th & 6th arches
vessel of 1st arch
malleus, incus
muscles of facial expression
stapedial artery is a part of what arch?
vessel of 3rd arch
Reichert's cartilage
skeletal structure of 3rd arch
Sphenomandibular ligament
levator veli palatini
What does the 1st cleft consist of?
True/False: superior thyroid glands are in the 3rd pouch.
Ultimobranchial body
arch of aorta and right subclavian artery
superior laryngeal nerve
upper hyoid bone

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