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Can you name the Can you name the select facts about Dorne?

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Dornish Facts I
Name of Oberyn Martell's paramour? 
Which sellsword company did Oberyn Martell belong to? 
Who was crippled in a tournament by Oberyn Martell? 
What is Oberyn Martell's alias? 
Who killed Oberyn Martell in one-on-one combat? 
Dornish Facts II
Who is Prince Doran Martell youngest son betrothed to? 
What medical condition does Doran Martell suffer from? 
Seat of House Martell? 
House Martell's words? 
Captain of the Guard at Sunspear? 
Names of Oberyn Martell's 8 Bastard Daughters known as the 'Sand Snakes'
The Sword of the Morning
Who is known as the Sword of the Morning? 
Name of his famous sword? 
Seat of House Dayne? 
Place of death? 
Name of this younger sister? 
Names of Prince Doran Martell's Children

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