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What is the Name of Claire's psychic?
Who owns the Box company Locke works At?
What is the name of Jack's ex-wife?
What is the name of Woman who jumps off the kahana wearing chains?
What is the name of Walt's dog?
What was Amy's son called?
What was Charlie's brother called?
What was Richard Alpert's wife called?
Who killed Dan Faraday?
What is Sun's maiden name?
Who was the Pilot of Oceanic 815?
What was Sawyer's alias at the dharma initiative?
What is Kate's Mother's first name?
Who did Desmond kill just before the crash of Oceanic 815
Who triggers the bomb which kills michael?
What was the name of the guard of the Looking Glass Dharma Station?
Who was the other guard of the Looking Glass Dharma Station?
Who was a Dentist?
Who was able to speak to her mother in English and Spanish?
Who gets hit by a car during an argument with their mother?

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