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QUIZ: Can you name the Primeval Characters?

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Series InNameActor/Actress
Series 2Karl Theobald
Series 4 - 5Ruth Kearney
Series 4 - 5Jonathyn Byrne
Series 3 Belinda Stewart - Wilson
Series 3Robert Daniel Lowe
Series 1 - 3Juliet Aubrey
Series 1Lucy Brown
Series 4 - 5Anton Lesser
Series 2 - 3Tim Faraday
Series 4 - 5Ruth Bradley
Series 3Laila Rouass
Series 3Alex McSweeney
Series 3Ramon Tikaram
Series 1 - 2James Murray
Series 2Naomi Bentley
Series 3 - 5Ben Mansfield
Series InNameActor/Actress
Series 2 - 3 + 4Lucy Brown
Series 3Nigel Marvin
Series 3Ruth Gemmell
Series 4 - 5Alexander Siddig
Series 1 - 5Ben Miller
Series 4 - 5CiarĂ¡n McMenamin
Series 1 - 5Andrew Lee - Potts
Series 1 + 4James Bradshaw
Series 1 Jake Curran
Series 4 - 5Janice Byrne
Series 3 + 4Jason Flemyng
Series 1 - 5Hannah Spearritt
Series 1Mark Wakeling
Series 1 - 3Douglas Henshall
Series 4 - 5Jonathyn Byrne

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