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Forced Order
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Her only friends are mice, Jac and Gus.
She went to the ball in a pumpkin.  
Her step mother wanted her killed because she envied her beauty.
She lives with 7 dwarfs.  
She runs away from her castle when people discover her power.
She turns the summer to winter.  
She lives in Louisiana.
She makes beignets.  
She takes her fathers place in imprisonment.
She loves to read.  
Her hair is as long as her tower.
She is imprisoned in a tower from birth. 
Her father is king of the sea.
She trades her voice for legs.  
She goes to war in place of her father.
She dresses as a boy.  
She is hidden with her three god fairies in the woods.
The prince's kiss wakes her from a deep sleep.  
The boy uses a genie's power to marry the princess.
She has a tiger.  
SHe must turn her mother and brothers back from bears.
She has fiery red hair.  
She runs with the wind.
She must settle conflict between her tribe and the humans on the ship.  
She is ignored by her sister for many years.
She falls in love with a man that wishes to kill her.  

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