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Forced Order
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Can you bow out when they're shouting your name? Sing, prima donna, once more
Roll on up for my price is down, come on in for the best in town
See our children fed, help us in our shame, something for a crust of bread in Holy Jesus' name
And when the game is done, either way, devil take the hindmost
You're living in America at the end of the millennia, you're living in America; leave your conscience at the tone
Just like Julius Caesar was betrayed by Brutus, who'd think an accountant would turn out to be my Judas
I'm everything you always wanted to be, let's deal with the issue, you wish you were me
Nothing's going to harm you, no sir, not while I'm around
And the stars look down on the mean and hungry and the stars look down and show the way
Every little trait, however small, makes my very flesh begin to crawl with simple utter loathing
Look at my baby, my baby and me, we're 'bout as happy as babies can be
Hello, little girl, what's your rush? You're missing all the flowers, the sun won't set for hours
I could not say he isn't very greedy, I dare not, I'd be telling you a tale
We can't forget, must not forget, that they are all our children too
A paradox, a paradox, a most ingenious paradox
Rivers belong where they can ramble, eagles belong where they can fly
Every endeavour I have made ever is coming into play

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