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Year of publicationStory or NovelSynopsis
25. 1996Death row in Louisiana
24. 2009Kind of like The Simpsons Movie
23. 1969/1978Mirror Mirror
22. 1968/1978Spring-heel jack
21. 1976/1978Creepy guy and a voodoo doll
20. 1992/1993Janice Joplin shows up.
19. 2007/2008A runner is kidnapped in Naples, FL
18. 2002About a car not named Christine
17. 1978/1978Wives lose fingers.
16. 1999/2002A yard sale painting is trouble
15. 1983I want to play with you, daddy.
14. 1982Stand By Me
13. 1979Something in the box is perfect for the wife.
Year of publicationStory or NovelSynopsis
12. 1997/2002Dinky draws you to death.
11. 1968/1985Short Story
10. 1973/1978Check the closet, daddy.
9. 1986/1993Short Story
8. 1977Redrum
7. 1975Originally called The Second Coming
6. 1987I'm your biggest fan.
5. 1984/1993Delusions of elves living in typewriters.
4. 1980/1985Fog!
3. 1978Randall Flagg makes his appearance for the first time.
2. 1974Plug it up!
1. 1982-2004The man in black fled across the desert . .

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