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ExampleDefense MechanismInfo
Resident yelling at med student because attending yelled at him
Student suddenly adopting a new personality after pimping humilitation
Student refusing to acknowledge massive education loan debt
Former gunner starting peer tutoring program
Med student choosing not to stress over her boards performance until she gets her score report
Med student joking about having to work at Starbucks after failing the boards
Student emotionlessly describing the details of a traumatic patient death she witnessed
Med student saying all the residents are terrible but the attendings are great
Med student who wants to cheat on exams accuses other students of cheating
ExampleDefense MechanismInfo
Med student spending absurd amounts of time on Reddit looking at memes
Bedwetting in med student under extreme stress during boards studying
Attending not remembering any moments of self-doubt during med school
Med student throwing a tantrum over an average grade
Student saying she didn't really want to be in derm club after being kicked out
Med student who secretly wants to be in peds psych making himself go into geriatric ortho instead
Poor harassed student identifying with his cruel resident
Intern redirecting her frustration w/ attending toward becoming the best possible physician
Disgruntled med student being deliberately late to lectures

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