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Think of the Earth1936
The Dark Weaver1937
Swiss Sonata1938
The Champlain Road1939
Thirty Acres1940
Three Came to Ville Marie1941
Little Man1942
The Pied Piper of Dipper Creek1943
Earth and High Heaven1944
Two Solitudes1945
Continental Revue1946
The Tin Flute1947
The Precipice1948
Mr. Ames Against Time1949
The Outlander1950
The Loved and the Lost1951
The Pillar1952
The Fall of a Titan1954
The Sixth of June1955
The Sacrifice1956
Street of Riches1957
The Watch That Ends the Night1959
The Luck of Ginger Coffey1960
Hear Us O Lord from Heaven Thy Dwelling Place1961
Running to Paradise1962
Hugh Garner's Best Stories1963
The Deserter1964
A Jest of God1966
Dance of the Happy Shades1968
The Studhorse Man1969
The New Ancestors1970
St. Urbain's Horseman1971
The Manticore1972
The Temptations of Big Bear1973
The Diviners1974
The Great Victorian Collection1975
The Wars1977
Who Do You Think You Are?1978
The Resurrection of Joseph Bourne1979
Burning Water1980
Home Truths: Selected Canadian Stories1981
Man Descending1982
Shakespeare's Dog1983
The Engineer of Human Souls1984
The Handmaid's Tale1985
The Progress of Love1986
A Dream Like Mine1987
Nights Below Station Street1988
Whale Music1989
Lives of the Saints1990
Such a Long Journey1991
The English Patient1992
The Stone Diaries1993
A Discovery of Strangers1994
The Roaring Girl1995
The Englishman's Boy1996
The Underpainter1997
Forms of Devotion1998
Elizabeth and After1999
Anil's Ghost2000
Clara Callan2001
A Song for Nettie Johnson2002
A Complicated Kindness2004
A Perfect Night to Go to China2005
The Law of Dreams2006
The Origin of Species2008
The Mistress of Nothing2009
Cool Water2010
The Sisters Brothers2011
The Purchase2012
The Luminaries2013
The Back of the Turtle2014
Daddy Lenin and Other Stories2015
Do Not Say We Have Nothing2016

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