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Can you name the lesser-known batman villians (unhelpful descriptions)

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past persona of joker, then jason todd rips steals the name, what a jerkred/common name
a dick during holidays, goes on a killing spreesoft voice/likes calendars
physcopath with high pitched voice, obsessed with slutty teenage girlalice in wonderland
pyro-freak, burns himself, then everyone elseflamethrower, and custom flight assembly
has no life, so turned to guns, and now goes around killing several people at onceexpert sharpshooter
weirdo sprays people with strong silly spray, causing them to stick to wallsbarely a threat at all
Used too much toilet paper, and lost his trash canarkham city side mission
mad scientist (who else?) turns really hairy at willbrown/wife copied his ideas
more of a teen titans jerk, hates batman too, distant marvel relative, deadpoolrapid healing powers/almost unbeatable
disease causes skin to resemble herpies all over body, cannabalistic toogreen/scaly

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