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PurposeNameName Inspiration
Rails application serverLatin for Dragon, Discworld
Development and 'Tool' ServerPratchett, Guards! Guards!
Web server for front end and APINever Ending Story (German spelling)
Foundation Related SitesMetroid series
Rails application serverSea monster from Wielie Walie (South Africa)
SpareDragon in the Earthsea novels.
OWL Serverthe (not anymore) racist dragon, from Flight of the Conchords comedy
Database serverThe Hobbit
Generates and serves Mapnik tilesFirst dragon Ged talks to in the Earthsea novels
PurposeNameName Inspiration
Wiki server and tile cacheKDE mascot
Web server for front end and APISong about a magic dragon
Internal ServicesType from Harry Potter
Java-XAPI trialChinese Symbols
XAPI ServerNorse mythology
NominatimYoung dragon from the German children's TV series Hallo Spencer
Rails application serverHarry Potter
Namefinder serverUncreative non-dragon name. :(

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