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Can you name the answers to the questions in this ridiculous Mrs. Doubtfire quiz??

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First and last name of the main character
Name of the Hillard's oldest child
Name of the Hillard's middle child
Name of the Hillard's youngest child
Which actress plays Miranda Hillard?
Name of the neighbor who kills the birthday party
The song that is playing when Miranda comes into the birthday party
Finish the quote: 'we love each other, ___?'
Which actor plays Robin Williams' brother?
When will the beige concealer be in?
What material is Daniel's suit coat made of during the first court scene?
What book is the yougest daughter sad that her father can't finish reading to her at bedtime?
What does Daniel call his mother-in-law as he leaves the house?
Name an impression Daniel does during his interview
Where does Daniel get a job?
When will Mrs. Sellner come by for and appointment to check the apartment?
Finish the quote: 'and right now I feel like a ___.'
Finish the quote: 'how is the old ___? Your mom …'
How much is Miranda planning to pay the housekeeper each week?
Daniel changes Miranda's phone number for the newspaper ad. Which numbers does he change?
Why doesn't Ilsa Immerman work with the males?
How many times does Daniel call Miranda pretending to be potential housekeeper applicants?
What is the Hillard family's address?
Who directed Mrs. Doubtfire?
What type of scene is depicted on the material of Mrs. Doubtfire's carpet bag?
What team does Chris tell Mrs. Doubtfire that she could play for?
Finish the quote: 'I'm sure you would normally encourage the children to step out of the room before you ___.'
Finish the quote: 'What a perfectly ___ little cubby!'
What gets stuck to Mrs. Sellner?
What color is the high heeled shoe on the table during Mrs. Sellner's first visit to Daniel's apartment?
What show did the kids watch after school every day?
What type of fruit does Mrs. Doubtfire throw at Miranda's boyfriend?
What did the youngest daughter paint a picture of at school? (her teacher liked it)
What 'affectionate' term does Mrs. Doubtfire call the kids?
Finish the quote: 'this Hollondaise smells like ___.'
How much does the take-out meal cost after Mrs. Doubtfire burns dinner?
Which famous chef's show does Daniel watch to help him learn to cook?
What type of car does Miranda's boyfriend drive?
What is Miranda's boyfriend's name?
What is Mr. Lundy's first name?
How does Mrs. Doubtfire prefer her men?
What is the late Mr. Doubtfire's first name?
What band poster is hanging in the oldest daughter's bedroom?
What does the older daughter attempt to arm herself with when the kids figure out that Mrs. Doubtfire is a man?
Who made Daniel into Mrs. Doubtfire?
What is the name of the mailman on Mrs. Doubtfire's show?
What is the name of the chimp on Mrs. Doubtfire's show?
Finish the quote: 'Not a single body that ___.'
What color is Stu's towel at the pool?
What is the name of Stu's friend at the pool?
Finish the quote: 'I'm a ___, doin' what I can.'
When did Miranda wear the frock to her aunt's funeral?
What is the name of the restaurant where the characters eat for Miranda's birthday?
At which table does Mr. Lundy sit?
At which table do Mrs. Doubtfire, Stu and the Hillards sit?
What does Mrs. Doubtfire order to drink with her dinner while sitting with Stu and the Hillards?
How does Mrs. Doubtfire like the previous beverage?
What does Daniel drink while sitting with Mr. Lundy?
Finish the quote: 'Be back in a ___.'
What color is Daniel's suit coat during the meeting scene with Mr. Lundy at the restaurant?
What is Stu allergic to?
What does Mrs. Doubtfire say while trying to retrieve her teeth from her wine glass?
What does Daniel plead during the final court case? (he claims this as the reason for his actions)
What is the name of the child who sends Mrs. Doubtfire a letter?
Which actor plays Miranda's boss?

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