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Can you name the children's book series by its characters?

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CharactersSeries TitlePublication year of first book:
Kristy, Claudia, Mary Anne, Stacey1986
Title character, Bess, George1930
Elizabeth, Jessica, Enid, Lila1983
Henry, Jessie, Violet, Benny1924
Jana, Beth, Christie, Katie, Melanie1988
Mia, Lilly, Michael, Tina, JP2000
Cimorene, Mendanbar, Morwen, Kazul1990
Will, Merriman, Jane, Bran1965
Frank, Joe1927
Meg, Charles Wallace, Calvin1962
Tally, Shay, David, Zane2005
Jake, Cassie, Tobias, Marco1996
Title character, Ron, Hermione1997
CharactersSeries TitlePublication year of first book:
Peter, Susan, Edmund, Lucy1950
Lyra, Will, Mrs. Coulter, Lord Asriel1995
Title character, Beezus, Howie1968
Laura, Mary, Carrie1932
Taran, Eilonwy, Fflewddur Fflam, Gurgi1964
Mrs. Frizzle, Arnold, Dorothy Ann1986
Violet, Klaus, Sunny1999
Jared, Simon, Mallory2003
Mrs. Jewls, Rondi, Mac, Nancy 1978
Nita, Kit, Dairine1983
Title character, Sally, Bugs1963
Jack, Annie1992

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