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In 'All I've Got To Do', what is all John has to do?
What was the Beatles last #1 hit in the US?
In 'Cry Baby Cry', the Duchess is from where?
In 'Carry That Weight', there is a reprise of what Abbey Road Medley song?
In 'Michelle', what is all Paul wants to say?
In 'Penny Lane', who is selling poppies?
In 'The Night Before', what is the second question Paul asks?
In 'She's Leaving Home', what day is it when she leaves?
In 'And I Love Her', Paul says what about a love like theirs?
In 'Maxwell's Silver Hammer', who are the girls who scream from the gallery?
In 'Lady Madonna', what does Friday night arrive without?
What is 'The Word'?
In 'Across the Universe', what dances before John like a million eyes?
In 'Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby', how many women are knocking on George's door?
In 'Girl', when you say she's looking good, she acts if it's what?
In 'Band on the Run', who else is on the run?
In 'Jealous Guy', John claims he didn't mean to make you what?
In 'I'm Happy Just to Dance with You', George says he doesn't want to what?
In 'Rocky Raccoon', why did Gideon leave his Bible?
In 'Here, There and Everywhere', Paul claims to love her is to what?
Who is the Walrus?
Where is the second place Mr. Mustard sleeps?
In 'Oh! Darling', what should you believe?
What song did Paul write about his breakup with Jane Asher?
In 'All Together Now', what comes after '1, 2, 3, 4'?
In 'I'm A Loser', what does John say comes before a fall?
What is the B-Side to 'Get Back'?
In 'A Day in the Life', where is Paul when he has a smoke?
Who is Billy Shears?
In 'Hey Jude', what's the third thing Paul tells Jude to do?

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