Transformed Humans of Classical Mythology

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Can you name the transformed humans of Classical Mythology?

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Zeus turned her into a heifer
They were turned into lions
The drops of his blood turned into anemones
She was turned into a nightingale
Artemis turned her into a laurel tree
Eos (Aurora) turned him into a grasshopper/cicada
The nymph Lotis turned her into a tree
Hera turned her into a bear and she was later placed among the stars
Artemis turned him into a stag and he was devoured by his hounds
The drops of his blood turned into flowers on which Apollo wrote the word 'Alas'
She transformed into a sunflower
Artemis turned her into a spring
Hera turned him into a woman for seven years
He transformed into a flower after staring at his reflection until he died
Ovid says that Athena turned this unlucky priestess of hers into a monster
She was turned into a swallow
Athena turned her into a spider
She transformed into a stone forever wet with tears after crying constantly for hours
He transformed into an ugly bird with a large beak
The gods turned these devout lovers into birds

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