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Can you name the female figures of Greek Mythology?

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CluesFemale Figures
She was turned into a lioness
She turned men into pigs
She was turned into a laurel tree
She was known as 'The Goddess With Three Forms'
Jason abandoned her
Dionysus married her
She fell in love with Helios
Her father sacrificed her for the Trojan War
She was kidnapped by Hades and later became queen of the Underworld
She was chained to a rock to be devoured by a sea serpent
Paris gave her the Golden Apple
She fell in love with her stepson
She married her son
Her father was killed by her mother who was killed by her brother
She was the messenger of the gods
CluesFemale Figures
She was Herakles' final wife
She loved Endymion
She gave up her seat on Olympus to tend the sacred hearth
Was only female for 7 years of his (or her?) life
She thought that she should be worshiped for having 14 children
Glaucus loved her, which indirectly caused her to become a monster
Pygmalion sculpted her and fell in love with her
Zeus favored her over all of his children
She caused a famine when she couldn't find her daughter
They carried water in jars with holes and had to forever refill them
Her head was cut off and given as a wedding gift
She held Odysseus captive on Ogygia
Hera punished her so that she could only repeat what others said
She came with the dark of the moon
She accidentally released all of mankind's sorrows

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