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Guess the following websites based on the (subjective) clues provided.

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The cesspool of the internet, where all good things go to die.
The street busker of the internet.
Where 'alternative armpit models' and 'lightly used sofa' can be found.
Your mom's favourite website to browse colour schemes.
Everyone and their grandma is here.
10 reasons you need to stop spending your life on this site.
They put on a bird on it before putting birds on things was cool.
A tribute to the distinguished citizens of America's favourite discount retailer
One time you did a school report on World War II and accidentally came across this horror show and got banned from your school computers forever.
The front door of the internet.
You wanted that Egyptian paintbrush so bad!
YouTube for the hipster set.
Schadenfreude lives here.
Don't ever cite this website on a paper
You wanted instructions, but instead you got clickbait.
Can a person diagnose themself with hypochondria?
You were a cool kid for having a profile on this site in 2003.
You have used up all of your time for today. Please wait 60 minutes or consider subscribing.
The official gathering place of cynical teenage boys.
A black hole for your attention span.
Where it was acceptable to use Comic Sans in a scrolling marquee.
MS Paint's love child with Dina Lohan.

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