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Forced Order
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Hey! I have never had any complaints in the ______ ______ ______.
F*** ______!
I had ______ ______ and I'm sh**ting out a Buick!
I'd be careful with those fat-free chips - they cause ______ ______.
I got ______ in my eye.
These... are '____ _____ __ ___ ____'
There are no _____ in Somerset.
Look it's _____!
No ______ _______!
It smells like _______ ____ is what it smells like in here.
My body is a _____ and your penis is the star.
I had them take out all the ______ for you.
You're getting me _____ again.
I can't believe you don't know what a _____ ____ is.
Don't be ____ in God's house! Gimmie a good slap!
There's always time for a _____ _______.
Men don't really like _____ ___.
Yeah my Aunt ______. Ew!
Oh my gosh! You named the ______.
Well I have no clean underwear. I only have the _______ ones.
Follow the _____ _____ _____.
And then he jumps off the balcony and dies because you’re a _____.
You're pinching my ____ skin.
Here's to ____ years to the same woman.
So, by making some sort of _____ about it, you get to say what you really want without being vulnerable.
This isn't the ________ Barmitzvah is it? Mosha are you in here, no?
Oh Peter sine you're leaving would you like to be on our _____ _____?
Where have you been? Oh uh.. I was upstairs doing _________.
I've never seen you act like this. I don't know all _______ over some guy.
I don't ____ it's not my style.
________ ______ guy is looking pretty good Christina.
Dating is all about _______.
Look for Mr. _____ ____.
Aw, you look like my old doggy _____.
Hello is ______ there? Have a lovely day.
I can't believe I'm f***ing a ______ ________.
And if it doesn't work out you could always get a _______.
Oh... my... ______!
Should've poked her in the _______ when you had the chance.
There once was a man from _______ who fell asleep in a canoe.
You know when I was 23 my breasteses were about here. Now ______ has taken them over.
I made friends with the _____. We don't have to lie anymore.
Was it absolutely _____ for her to tell us that?
Mr. Mooney is downstairs and he is _______.
Do you like _____ ______? Or gettin caught in the rain.

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