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Who is Farrah's mother?
Name Tyler's father/Catelynn's stepfather.
Where do Gary and Amber live?
Who are Carly's adoptive parents?
Farrah was scammed out of thousands of dollars while trying to sell what item?
Who is Maci's boyfriend, post-Ryan?
What does Farrah call her father?
Where does Maci live?
What is Leah's middle name?
Where does Gary buy Amber's engagement ring?
Where do Catelynn and Tyler live?
Who moderates the Teen Mom reunion show?
Name Maci's baby.
What test has Amber been struggling to complete?
Where does Farrah live?
Name Farrah's baby.
What is Farrah's dream job?
In her '16 & Pregnant' episode, Farrah's mother told her she had what kind of attitude?
In what state does Gary propose to Amber...again?
What psychiatric condition was Amber suffering from in Season 1?
Name Farrah's athlete boyfriend, whom she dated after Cole?
What is Amber's nickname for Leah?
What pricey item does Gary buy for himself after finding out that Amber is pregnant?
Name the city where Maci's boyfriend lives?
Where does Amber first work after leaving Gary?
Name the Jersey Shore cast member rumored to have had a fling with Farrah.
What subject is Maci studying in college?
What is Maci's job?
Where does Catelynn's ex-boyfriend live?
Why did Maci take Ryan to court in Season 2?
What branch of the military was Tyler considering joining?
Who accompanied Tyler when he bought Catelynn's engagement ring?
What word did Ryan get tattooed on his abdomen?
Farrah's father scolds her after finding what in the fridge?
Which teen mom dropped out of high school?

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