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What is the name of Blanche's baby granddaughter that she tries to pass off as her own?
What NYC borough are Sophia and Dorothy originally from?
Rose Nyland is from St. Olaf. What is the name of the neighboring town?
What spinoff show featured the Girls' next-door neighbors?
On what channel did the Golden Girls originally air?
After the Golden Girls ended, Blanche, Rose and Sophia starred in what spin-off?
What now-famous movie actor starred on the above show?
What character did Dorothy play when they put on a performance of 'Henny Penny'?
What did Dorothy's ex-husband Stan use in therapy to get over her?
Instead of hearing 'lesbian', Blanche thought Rose was calling Dorothy's friend this?
What is the name of Rose's daughter, who came to Miami when her mother had a heart attack?
What year did the Golden Girls premiere?
Which character owns the Miami home where the girls live?
What is the name of Sophia's old retirement home?
What is Rose's late husband's name?
What is Rose's college professor boyfriend's name?
Who is Sophia's former priest brother?
Who does Sophia briefly marry during the series run?
What is the name of Blanche's uncle who Dorothy marries in the series finale?
What is the name of the game show that the girls appear on in Los Angeles?

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