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Forced Order
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What is the name of Trent's band?
Name Helen's sister, the one with the history of broken marriages.
What type of business does Jake attempt to run?
Name Helen's sister, the one who is idolized by Daria.
What is Helen's maiden name?
What was the possible replacement name for the band, brainstormed by Jane and Jesse on the way to Alternapalooza?
Name the member of the fashion club who wears her hair in braids
Finish the quote: A herd of beautiful wild ____ running free across the plains.
Name Brittany's stepmother.
Name the city where both Jane and Daria end up going to college.
What is Tom's last name?
Name Trent's on again/off again girlfriend.
What is Tom's family's favorite vacation spot?
Name the 'goth girl' at Lawndale.
What was Quinn's summer job?
Who was Daria's coworker at It's a Nutty Nutty Nutty World?
What job was recommended for Quinn following an aptitude test?
After eating poisoned berries while camping, what do Helen, Jake and Quinn struggle to find in the woods?
What does Quinn wear to her 'Fashion Don'ts' party?
What does Stacy show Sandi in the hot tub that causes Sandi to call her 'so unattractive'?

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