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Can you name the Less Known Survivor Castaways?

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My tribe won immunity, but we gave it to keep our luxurious camp, so I was voted out because of it.
A man gave me beans, and I blamed it all on him when we were caught.
I took my boxers off along with Andrew and Osten.
I stood up on the tribal council seat to plead my case.
I told Brad Culpepper to F*** himself.
I am the first male casualty of the 'tribe switch'.
I quit the game right after someone else quit.
I am the first castaway to be shown throwing up on Survivor.
'Hallelujah' was a popular catchphrase of mine
I am the only person to be idol'd out in Millennials vs Gen X.
I was the victim of the first '3-2-1' voting strategy (made my Cirie)
Trail mix was found in my bag
Pet funerals were how I passed time, out on the island
I was the only African-American male in Australia
I had the most confessionals of any pre-juror in Survivor history

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