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(FOR BATTLE FOR DREAM ISLAND FANS ONLY) Based on the hints and the line given, can you guess the character?

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Forced Order
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Big, Green and White, Round, Nerdy'I Hate It!... Why Whould You Do Something That's So Terrible!?'
Mean, Likes Speeches'Worthless, isn't the right word... You ment to say i'm PRICELESS.'
Cool, Cube, Blue'I've Got To Join!'
Stickman, Creepy, Just Plain Random.'Aw Seriously!'
Blue And White'All I Have Is An Apple!'
Has PanphobiaScreaming Noises
Friend Of Pencil'I Been Voted for in 4 episodes, no one else has been.'
Main Host, Sarcastic'Thats So Few, I Can Count it on one Hand!'
Round, Poppable'Oh Noio!, Look At The Noixt one!'
Hates Being Called Needy'Don't Call Me Needy!, But No.'
Bossy, Round, Gray'Your Teeny Tiny Little Brain Wouldn't Allow Such Insanity'
Can't Stand ______'You Murdered Her!'
Red, 12 Sides,A Bully'Hey!, Im Just In The Mood To Hurt Someone'
Kills by Touching, Orange and Yellow'Coiny! , Your So Dumb!'
Red, Bossy, Hates Panhophic person'Woody!, Don't Tell me you have testaphobia!'
Fat, Yellow'What's it say.'
Egotistical'Ice Cube, don't you think i look beutiful!'
Impatent'Which Is!'
Big, Made of snow, is a ball'She Said my brain is small!'
Vomits a lot'BLEH!'
Nice, Has an evil sister'you've still go 73 more levels to reach my level of niceness.'

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