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Can you name the Virus types by Disease?

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DiseaseVirus TypeVirus Fact
Andes Virus, Haantan virus, Bayou VirusMost commonly found in Rodents
Norwalk virus, Hawaii virus, Mexico VirusShellfish are the most common cause
Herpes, Epstein-Barr, CytomegalovirusCauses diseases in animals and humans
T cell lymphoma,HIV, Feline LeukaemiaTransmits from fluids and cell-to-cell
Cuevavirus, Ebola, Marburg Biosafety Level 4 !
Influenza A, B, C typesSpanish Flu killed 3% of the global population
SARSNew SARS case in the UK 24/09/2012
Foot and Mouth, Aseptic Meningitis, ColdsThe common cold can be caused by many virus types

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