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Dr Hannibal Lecter is Played by?
Special Agent Brian _______?
Nickname for Human Meat used by Will?
What instrument does Hannibal Play?
Name of the Verger siblings?
Will Graham is played by?
Which FBI agent was kidnapped?
Where was 'The Shrike' from?
Jack Crawford is played by?
Name of Hannibals dead sister?
What creatures does Will take in?
Freddie Lounds is played by?
What part of Abigail does Will vomit up?
Dr _______ Bloom?
Cuisine of the first seasons Titles?
Dr Abel Gideon was a _________?
What is Wills hobby?
What does Jacks wife called?
Who plays Dr Frederick Chilton?
Animals kept by the Verger family?
Hannibal likes to 'Eat the _________'?
Freddie Lounds' Website is called?
Beverly Katz is played by?
The Killer was Garrett Jacob _____?
Black antlered creature in Wills dream?
What Kills Georgia Madchen?
Where is Dr Chiltons Hospital?
Cuisine of the second seasons titles?
What is Jacks wife dying of?
Who does Gillian Anderson Play?
They are looking for the ______ Ripper?
Tiny rare bird cooked by Hannibal?
Special Agent __________ Price?
What organ was removed from Dr Chilton?
Animal with a social worker inside?
What was wrong with Will in season one?
Tobias wanted to play people like a ___?
The name of Dr Blooms dog?
Who plays Dr Abel Gideon?
'Hannibal' TV Show Creator?

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