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RecordRecord HolderRecord Number
Rushing: Most Seasons Leading8
Rushing: Most Consec. Seasons Leading5
Attempts: Most Seasons Leading6
Attempts: Most Consec. Seasons Leading4
Most Attempts, Career4409
Most Attempts, Season416
Most Attempts, Rookie, Season390
Most Attempts, Game45
Most Ruching Yards Gained, Career18355
Most Seasons 1000+ Yards Rushing11
Most Consec. Seasons 100+ Yards Rushing11
Most Rushing Yards Gained, Season2105
Most Rushing Yards Gained, Rookie, Season1808
Most RushingYards Gained, Game296
Most Games, 200+ Yards Rushing, Career6
Most Games 200+ Yards Rushing, Season4
Most Consec. Games 200+ Yards Rushing2
Most Games 100+ Yards Rushing, Career78
Most Games 100+ Yards Rushing, Season14
Most Consec. Games 100+ Yards Rushing14
Longest Run from Scrimmage99
Highest Average Gain, Career (750 attempts)6.36
Highest Average Gain, Season (Qualifiers)8.45
Highest Average Gain, Game (10 attempts)17.30
Rushing TDs, Most Seasons Leading5
Most Rushing TDs, Career164
Most Rushing TDs, Season28
Most Rushing TDs, Rookie, Season18
Most Rushing TDs, Game6
Most Consec. Games w/ Rushing TDs18
Passing, Most Seasons Leading 6
Passing, Most consec. Seasons Leading League4
Highest Passer Rating, Career (1500 attempts)96.8
Highest Passer Rating, Season (Qualifiers)121.1
Highest Passer Rating, Rookie, Season (Qualifers)98.1
Pass Attempts, Most Seasons Leading 5
Most Passes Attempted, Career8758
Most Passes Attempted, Season691
Most Passes Attempted, Rookie, Season575
Most Passes Attempted, Game70
Completions, Most Seasons Leading6
RecordRecord HolderRecord Number
Completions, Most Consec. Seasons Leading3
Most Passes Completed, Career5377
Most Passes Completed, Season440
Most Passes Completed, Rookie, Season326
Most Passes Completed, Game45
Most Consecutive Passes Completed24
Completion %: Season Leading8
Completion %: Consec. Seasons Leading6
Completion %: Career (1500 att.)65.61
Completion %: Season (Qualifiers)70.55
Completion %: Rookie, Season (Qualifiers)66.44
Completion %, Game (20 att.)91.30
Passing Yards, Seasons Leading5
Passing Yards, Consec. Seasons Leading4
Most Passing Yards, Career61655
Seasons, 3000+ Passing16
Most Passing Yards, Season5084
Most Passing Yards, Rookie, Season3739
Most Passing Yards, Game554
Most 400+ Passing Yard Games, Career13
Most 400+ Passing Yard Games, Season4
Most 300+ Passing Yard Games, Career63
Most 300+ Passing Yard Games, Season10
Most consec. 300+ Passing Yard Games6
Average Gain, Passing, Most Seasons Leading7
Average Gain, Passing, Most Consec. Seasons Leading5
Highest Average Gain, Passing, Career8.63
Highest Average Gain, Passing, Season (Qualifiers)11.17
Highest Average Gain, Passing, Rookie, Season9.411
Highest Average Gain, Passing, Game (20 atts.)18.58
Passing TDs, Most Consec. Seasons Leading4
Most TD Passes, Career442
Most TD Passes, Season50
Most TD Passes, Rookie, Season26
Most Games 4+ TD Passes, Career21
Most Games 4+ TD Passes, Season6
Most Consec. Games 4+ TD Passes5
Most Consec. Games, TD Pass47
Most Consec. Passes w/ 0 INTs308
Most Passes Intercepted, Career288
Most Passes Intercepted, Season42
RecordRecord HolderRecord Number
Most Passes Intercepted, Game8
Most Attempts, No INTs, Game70
Most Times Sacked, Career516
Most Times Sacked, Season76
Most Times Sacked, Game12
Lowest Pass INT %, Seasons Leading5
Lowest Pass INT %, Career (1500 att)2.11
Lowest Pass INT %, Season (Qualifiers)0.41
Lowest Pass INT %, Rookie, Season1.98
Receiving, Most Seasons Leading8
Receiving, Most Consec. Seasons Leading5
Most Receptions, Career1549
Most Seasons 50+ Receptions17
Most Receptions, Season143
Most Receptions, Rookie, Season101
Most Receptions, Game20
Most Consec. Games w/ Reception274
Receiving Yards, Most Seasons Leading7
Receiving Yards, Most Consec. Seasons Leading4
Most Receiving Yards, Career22895
Most Seasons 1000+ Yards Receiving14
Most Receiving Yards, Season1848
Most Receiving Yards, Rookie, Season1473
Most Receiving Yards, Game336
Most Games 200+ Receiving Yards, Career5
Most Games 200+ Receiving Yards, Season3
Most Games 100+ Receiving Yards, Career76
Most Games 100+ Receiving Yards, Season11
Most Consec. Games 100+ Receiving Yards7
Average Gain, Receiving, Career (200 rec)22.26
Average Gain, Receiving, Season (24 rec)32.58
Average Gain, Receiving, Game (3 rec)63.00
Receiving TDs, Most Seasons Leading9
Receiving TDs, Most Consec. Seasons Leading5
Most Receiving TDs, Career197
Most Receiving TDs, Season23
Most Receiving TDs, Rookie, Season17
Most Receiving TDs, Game5
Most Consec. Games w/ Receiving TD13

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