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Daddy's Girl Learnt Fast all those Things She Couldn't SayBon Jovi
I Know the Game You Play I Know it WellBon Jovi
Still It's so Hard for Her to NoticeBon Jovi
As I Lay There Alone in the DarkBon Jovi
You're Just a Victim of the HeadlinesBon Jovi
You Held My Heart for Ransom Baby Set it FreeBon Jovi
You Can Run but You Can't Hide, You're the Only One I NeedBon Jovi
Can't You See that this Broken Heart is Killing meBon Jovi
You're Looking Sharp in Your Dancing ShoesBon Jovi
Maybe I'm a Dreamer but I Still BelieveGreatest Hits
Fighting For Survival Tryin' Not to do Like His Daddy DidGreatest Hits
We Gotta Finnish what we StartedGreatest Hits
Yesterday Keeps Comin' Round it's Just RealityGreatest Hits
Are we Gonna Raise the Roof, oh YeahGreatest Hits
One for Love, One for Truth, One for me, One for YouBounce
Change Everybody's Feelin' Strange, Never Gunna be the SameBounce
Close Your Eyes and See my Blue Skies Breaking ThroughBounce
Come on and Find a Better LifeBounce
Hangin' Outside Your Door i've Been Here BeforeBounce
Through it all You're Always My Best FriendBounce
I'm Reachin' Out for You Come onBounce
We'll Make the Grade they'll Know our NamesBounce
Everybody's Holdin' on to Something, Nobody Wants to Fade AwayBounce
From the First Time i Saw You it Felt Like Coming HomeBounce
I'll Take the Hit but Not the FallBounce
God Only Knows What You've Been TroughBounce
Who's Gonna Fix You the Next Time You Break DownThe Circle
Once in a While When i Crack a SmileThe Circle
Home is Where You are and Where I Am, Breathe in, Breathe outThe Circle
Think About it Wouldn't that be CoolThe Circle
Lets Live for Now and Not thenThe Circle
I Just Wanna Scream out LoudThe Circle
I Have Run From the TruthThe Circle
This one Goes out to the Man Who Mines for MiraclesThe Circle
Shots Ring out Without a WarningThe Circle
I'm Here Tryin' to Make a LivingThe Circle
You Always Think the Sun is Gonna ShineThe Circle
Some that made us laugh, some that made us cryCrossroad
I'm only 16 I Feel 100 Years OldCrossroad
You're Gonna Hear my Voice When I Shout it Out LoudCrush
I Heard Disneyland Might Lose Mickey MouseCrush
When I Look in to Your Eyes the Sky's a Different BlueCrush
Sick of Dreaming Dreams that Never Come TrueCrush
I'll Know it Was Worth the FightCrush
I Like the Bed I'm Sleeping inCrush
She'll Curse You Like a Sailor, She'll Wound You With Her EyesCrush
I Wasn't Born a Rich Man, I Ain't Got No PedigreeCrush
Dressed up for a Big Day Like Halloween DayCrush
My Most Beautiful Regret, I Will Never Understand HerCrush
Sometime I Think You're the Only Reason the Sun Still ShinesCrush
I Stop to Give Her a LightCrush
If there's Something that Needs Fixing I'm the Man to SeeCrush
I Ain't Gonna Do What I Don't Want toHave a Nice Day
I'm Gonna Live, I'm Gonna Survive, Don't Want the World to Pass me byHave a Nice Day
Remember that You're Perfect, God Makes no MistakesHave a Nice Day
I Was a Gypsy Lost in a Twilight ZoneHave a Nice Day
Step Right up He's the Real ThingHave a Nice Day
When Your World's Crashing Down Like You've Lost Every RoundHave a Nice Day
They Say When She Laughs She Wants to CryHave a Nice Day
When it's Gone it's GoneHave a Nice Day
You're Feeling Broke and Bruised and SometimesShatteredHave a Nice Day
You Wouldn't Have me Any Other WayHave a Nice Day
I Feel no Pain, but I'm Feeling the PainHave a Nice Day
And I Hope You're by my Side When I'm Writing the Last PageHave a Nice Day
It Taste's so Bitter Sweet, Cos I Know It's Not MineHave a Nice Day
Close Your Eyes and You Will See, that You are all You Really NeedKeep the Faith
Got no use For Sunday, Cos I Don't Rest in PeaceKeep the Faith
I'd Get Down on my Knees For YouKeep the Faith
All of the Things that I Long to Believe, About Love, the TruthKeep the Faith
Could I Teach You What's Right, Could I Tell You StoriesKeep the Faith
No One's Gettin' Out of Here AliveKeep the Faith
I Want a Woman More than a GirlKeep the Faith
Tell Me Who do You Think's Out ThereKeep the Faith
I Never Wanted the Stars, Never Shot for the MoonKeep the Faith
It Feels so Good that it Ought to be IllegalKeep the Faith
You've Been Robbed You've Been UsedKeep the Faith
I Have Suffered for My Anger, there are Wars that Can't be WonKeep the Faith
I'm Bustin' Loose I'm Lettin' Go, Out on this Open RoadLost Highway
There's a Heaven Baby You're the ProofLost Highway
Look at all the Hair we Had, It's Bittersweet to Hear You LaughLost Highway
I Close my Eyes and Picture Your Hand in MineLost Highway
We Just Wanna Have Some Fun, If You Don't Wanna Kiss ThisLost Highway
I Like Waking up with You on my mind Knowing that You're Saving meLost Highway
Say That You'll Take me Where Ever You're Going toLost Highway
You're Feeling Like a Stranger but all Your Friends are HereLost Highway
It Might be Hard to be Lovers, but It's Harder to be FriendsLost Highway
Why Does Some Have to Lose For Someone Else to WinLost Highway
And I'm Willing to Try, I'm Sick of Giving UpLost Highway
You Make me Feel at Home Somehow Right NowLost Highway
Help me Lay my Cards out on the TableNew Jersey
If There's Something Better Baby then I Haven't Found it YetNew Jersey
My Heart Beats Like a Drum, All NightNew Jersey
I Don't Need Your Daddy Telling us What we Can doNew Jersey
I Can Still Remember When I Was Just a Kid, When Friends Were Friends ForeverNew Jersey
It's Been a Million Years That I've Been GoneNew Jersey
Cold is the Night Without Your LoveNew Jersey
Through the Back Door to Heaven to the Other SideNew Jersey
Aim For the Heart, Some Will Love and Some Will CurseNew Jersey
I Didn't Mean to Miss Your Birthday BabyNew Jersey
I Got a Party in My Pocket Cos You Know I Just Got PaidNew Jersey
You Can't Catch a Fish if You Ain't Got the HookNew Jersey
The Weekend Comes to this Town 7 Days too SoonSlippery When Wet
You Promised me Heaven then Put me Through HellSlippery When Wet
We've Gotta Hold on to What We've GotSlippery When Wet
I Guarantee You Can't Hide When Infection StartsSlippery When Wet
Cos I'm a Cowboy, on a Steel Horse I RideSlippery When Wet
We're in a Sticky Situation It's Down to me and YouSlippery When Wet
There Was Still Innocence in Painted SmilesSlippery When Wet
If it Came Right Down to me and You, You Know It's TrueSlippery When Wet
You and me and my Old Friends, Hoping it Would Never EndSlippery When Wet
We Were Cruisin' to the Backbeat, Making Love in the BackseatsSlippery When Wet
We're Two Paycheck's Away From Living out on the StreetsThese Days
Well I Opened up my Heart but all I Did was BleedThese Days
You're Really on Your Knees When You Think You're Standing TallThese Days
From a Second Story Window He Jumped and Closed His EyesThese Days
Let it all Fall Down Around us, if That's What's Meant to beThese Days
It's Getting Harder Holding on, but I Can't Let You GoThese Days
Misery Likes Company, I Like the Way that SoundsThese Days
I Wish the Stars Up in the Sky Would all Just Call in SickThese Days
Hide my Tears in the Pouring Rain, Had my Share of Hurt and PainThese Days
I Told the Angel's They Could Sing Their Songs to Someone NewThese Days
Do I Have to Break Down Baby Just to Break ThroughThese Days
Blood Red Rose Tells me That You're TrueThese Days
You Won't Tire Cos Baby Was Born With the Bear7800 Degrees Fahrenheit
We Kiss Then Say Goodbye For the ...7800 Degrees Fahrenheit
Sometimes Love Don't Know Wrong From Right7800 Degrees Fahrenheit
Listen People Can't You Hear the Voices that are Crying out7800 Degrees Fahrenheit
You Were to be Queen and I'd be Your King7800 Degrees Fahrenheit
I Have to Find my Way, Sometimes I Have to Get Away7800 Degrees Fahrenheit
In a Place Where They all Know Your Name7800 Degrees Fahrenheit
I've Been Looking For Something to Please me Since I Don't Know When7800 Degrees Fahrenheit
You Know, the Heart Of Your Innocence Dies7800 Degrees Fahrenheit
You Tell me I'm the One When I'm Next to You7800 Degrees Fahrenheit

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