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Teenagers Who Stereotypically Drink and Wear Tracksuits
Can Be Caused if Infront of a Tailgater
Often Caused by Body Odor or Poor Hygiene
People Who Don't Close their Mouth While Eating
Shop Assistants Who Aren't Polite
Often Used by Companies for Customer Calls
Caused When Dog Owners Don't Pick Up
A Way of Transferirng Germs
Poor Internet Speed
Customer Service Problems
Unhygienic Dog Owners
People Who Don't Eat Quietly
A Method of Marketing Involving Unexpected Calls
A Method of Marketing Involving Visiting the Customers
Causes Toe Pain
Being Horrible to Someone Else
Computer Malfunction While Working
People Who Don't Talk Quiet or Normal on a Phone
Unwanted Messages Sent to a Large Number of People With the Same Content
Celebrities who Aren't Well Known
Caused by Leaving a Tissue in a Pocket
People Who Don't Meet the Speed Limit on a Motorway or Excell it
Occurs on a Regular Basis When Watching a Programme
Often the Case in Some Public Toilets
An Ex Celebrity Couple, One is a Glamour Model One is an Australian SInger
How People View Your Messages
Parking in a Disabled Spot Without 'Concent'
People Who Purposly Try to Please You
A Common Thing People Moan About, Often For Attention
People Pushing in While Waiting
Advertising via Mail, Often Unwanted
People Who Purposly Drive Too Close
A Reality TV Programme, Originally For Psychology, Now on Channel 5
People Who Steal Your Belongings off Your Person
Financial Allowances Given to MP's
Caused by People Dropping Chewing Gum in the Street
The Cost of Using a Train
People Who Don't Walk Fast Enough
People Who Live Close by and Make too Much Noise
Caused by a Blocked Nose
Happens When Anxious or too Warm
Drinking Excess Amounts
Caused After Eating too Much Food
A Period of Economic Decline
Means Having to Wate for a Flight
Used by Bussinesses So People Aren't Needed to Answer Phones
A Bad Habbit Currently Banned in Public Places
People Who Get Angry While Driving Experience This
Trying to Speak to Someone with Difficulty
Happens When All Toilet Roll Has Been Used
The Impact of the Press After the Death of a Moonwalking Celebrity
Programmes Involving Everyday People, Usually Competing For a Prize
Insects that are Often More Common During Summer
When One or More Tyre's Lose Air
The Price of Parking a Car
People Who Like to be in Control and Tell Others What to do
The Times a Doctor Is Available From
Means You May Struggle to Wash Clothes
A Person Professionaly Involved in Politics
Caused by Scratching yourself With Paper
When a Bus isn't on Time
When Singers Aren't Live
Parking Which isn't Done Well
Prevents the Opening of Toys
Unable to Stay off the Toilet
Struggling to go the Toilet
Examples Include 'LOL' and 'BRB'
Having 'Bad' Hair
Causes Eye Pain or Blinking
Causes a Cold Bath
People Who Don't Stick to the Right or Left of a Motorway Lane
When You're Unable to Hear Someone Because they Don't Talk Loud Enough
Traffic Lights that Don't Change Fast Enough
An Annoying Way in Which Change Can be Given in Shops
Pain Caused by Muscle Contraction
An Ex Couple of Hollywood Actors, One who Featured in Troy and One who Featured in Friends
Weather Which Cannot be Judged
Unable to Cross
A Skin Condition Usually in Teenage Years
When People Aren't Polite in Emails
Celebrities Who Diet By Constantly Changing Eating Habbits
Must be Done to Use Tape
Cars that have Been Altered or Accessorised
A Non Waranted Officer Who Focuses on Parking etc
Would Make You Unable to Leave the Country
Would Result in You Not Being Able to Drive Until Replaced
When Toast is Overdone
Can be Prevented by Using Sun Cream
People Who are obsessed with a specific apple product
Released by Celebrities to Help People Lose Weight
A Specific Type of Programme Such as Eastenders
Causes the Loss of a Nail
People Who Work in a Bank
Often Done by Couples When in Public
When People Give a Performance Which Doesn't Reach their Full Potential
How Tall or Short a Seat Makes You
People Who Don't Take Shoes off Inside/Indoors
Young Guests at Weddings
Hot Weather Which is Annoying Because You're in Your Home Country
Used to Give Updates on Sports

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