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1.Teen Vampire Saga
3.Hollywood Blockbuster, Leonardo DiCaprio
4.District 12
5.David Bowie
6.Michael J Fox
7.Wizards and Witchcraft
8.Disney Original, Pixie Dust
9.Disney Original, Scuttle
10.Disney, Elvis and Aliens
11.1984, Falcor the Luck Dragon
12.Patrick Swayze
13.2012, Marvel
14.Shark Attack
15.George Lucas
16.Adam Sandler From the Underworld
17.Original Marvel Classic
18.Heath Ledger in a Teen Flick
19.Ryan Gosling and Rachel Mcadams
20.A Box of Chocolates
21.Disney Pixar Trilogy
22.Ancient Greece and Brad Pitt
23.Adam Sandler, David Spade and Kevin James
24.Will Ferrel and John C Reilly
25.1987 + Alien Race
26.Disney Original, Features Elton John Songs
27,Disney Pixar, Just Keep Swimming
28.Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightly
29.Disney Pixar, Scare and Collect Screams
30.1985 Truffle Shuffle
31.Phone Home
32.Tim Burton's Twist on the Original Fairy tale
33.Alan, Phil, Stu and Doug on a Stag Do
34.Robert Deniro Seeks Help From a Psychiatrist
35.My Precious
36.2012 Edition to Jim Henson's Classic Films
37.Heath Ledger in Gotham City
38.Ben Stiller, Cameron Diaz and Lee Evans
39.Marvel Classic including War Machine
40..Brittany Murphy and Ashton Kutcher
41.Marvel God Falls to Earth
42.Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy in a Fairy Tale Classic
43.Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson
44.Melissa Joan Heart in a Teen Flick
45.Version of Peter Pan Including Julia Roberts
46.Disney Robin Williams and Green Goo
47.I'll Say a Little Prayer For You
48.Quentin Tarantino Film Starring Uma Thurman
49.Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito
50.Tom Hanks Grows Up
51.80's Classic, Twist and Shout
52.Sylvester Stallone Boxing
53.Modern Day Ghost Starring Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo
54.Dinosaurs Come Back to Life
55.Computer Hacker Learns the True Reality
56.Egypt Archeologists Discover Imhotep
57.When Aliens Attack Earth Starring Tom Cruise
58.Marvel's Green Superhero
59.Jim Carrey Can't Tell the Truth
60.8 Year Old Left Alone on Christmas
61.Jack Nicholson Helps Adam Sandler
63.Tim Burton Classic, Starring Michael Keaton
64.Based on the Novel, Starring Hugh Grant and Nicholas Hault
65.Children Become the Size of Insects
66.Ben Stiller Meets Robert Deniro
67.Criminal Mastermind Tries to Steal the Moon
68.Disney, a Human Becomes a Bear
69.Disney Original, a Romantic Tale Involving Dogs
70.Star Crossed Lovers
71.Rachael Leigh Cook and Tara Reid in a Girl Band
72.This One Time at Band Camp
74.High School Student Becomes a Superhero
75.Lindsay Lohan Teen Film Including a Burn Book
76.Lindsay Lohan Attempts to Get Her Parents Back Together
77.Will Smith in the Classic Alien Sci-fi Film
78.Keenan and Kel Working in a Burger Bar
79.Marvel Film with Wolverine
80.A Robot Wants to be Real to Feel His Mother's Love
81.Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray in a Modern Day Fairy Tale Spin
82.Disney Classic, 'A Tale As Old As Time'
83.Yellow Brick Road Over the Rainbow
84.In the World Of Pandora Created by James Cameron
85.Disney Pixar, Russell Sets Out on His Big Adventure
86.Jim Carrey Stars in a Christmas Film
87.Will Ferrell Christmas Film
88.Kate Hudson Competes with Best Friend Anne Hathaway
89.Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo in a Teen Flick
90.Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey Try to Win Bets Using Eachother
91.Based on TV Series Created by Matt Groening
92.Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz Attempt to Save a Battery
93.Michael J Fox Voices a Talking Mouse
94.Jack Black is Forced to See Woman How They Look Inside
95.Sylvester Stallone Tries to Save Christian Aid Workers
96.Vin Diesel Baby Sits to Protect their Father's 'Ghost'
97.1979 Sci-Fi Directed by Ridley Scott
98.Classic Musical Starring Olivia Newton John
99.Amanda Bynes Changes Gender
100.Robert Pattinson Plays a Troubled Poet

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