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Can you name the Coutries that have been accused of (or committed) genocide?

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genocide oninfo
the Native Americans, 1490-1890
the Native Americans, 1490-1890
the Native Americans, 1490-1890
the Natvie Americans, 1490-1890
the Native Americans, 1490-1890
the Native Americans, 1490-1890
the catholic people of Ireland, 1645-1660
the Zunghar people, 1755-1758
the Tasmanian Aborigines, 1800
the muslim peolpe of the North Caucasus, 1860-1870
the people of Patagonia, 1870
the Pilippines, 1899-1913
the Herero and Namaqua people in Namibia, 1904-1907
the Armenian people, 1914-1918
the Assyrian people, 1914-1918
the greeks, 1914-1918
the Don Cossacks, 1919-1920
the ukraine and Kazakhstan, 1932-1933
genocide oninfo
the Dersim Kurds, 1937-1938
the Haitians, 1937
the people of Nanking, 1937
the Polish elite, 1940
the Chechens, Ingush, Kalmyks, Balkars and Karachais people, 1943-1950
the Yugoslavian jews, serbs and Romani people 1941-1945
the jews, Slavs, Romania people, mentally ill, homosexuals, Jehovah's witnesses and political opponents, 1939-1945
people in the 'great leap forward', 1958-1961
the Maya Indians, 1960-1996
the Bubi people and the people of Bioko, 1968-1979
the bangladesh hindus and elite, 1971
students, intellectuals and politicians, 1974-1987
the Vietnamese,Chinese, Chams, Thais, Buddhists and intellectuals, 1975-1979
the Kurds, 1986-1989
the Tutsi people, 1994
the Bosnian people, 1992-1995
Pygmies, 1998-2003
the people of Darfur, 2003-

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