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Can you name the Greek Mythology Characters of God of War?

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 Beast with the head of an Ox
 Horse with Wings
 Beast with the body of a horse but the torso of a man
 Head of bald, disfigured women with the body of a bat.
 Beast with the head of a goat, the body of a lion, and the tail of a snake
 Beast with one eye
 Three-headed Dog
 Beast with the head of an eagle, wings, and the body of a lion
 Beast that is half-goat, half-man, uses staff with curved blades attached on the ends
 Bird made of fire, dies and is reborn from the ashes
 Multi-headed monster of the ocean
 Monstrous sea-squid
 Mother of Earth
 Titan imprisoned within a mountain
 Swallowed all his children
 Forced to hold up the world
 Gave the fires of Olympus to mankind
 King of Olympus
 Lord of the Seas
 Ruler of the Underworld
 Zeus' daughter, Goddess of Wisdom
 Goddess of Beauty, gives Kratos her sword as a weapon
 Messenger of the gods, known for his boots
 Sun god, rides a fiery chariot
 Fallen God of War
 Queen of the Gorgons
 Immortal sister of the Gorgon Queen, portrayed as obese
 Created wings for himself
 Previous owner of the Golden Fleece, leader of the Argonauts
 Greatest warrior in all of Greece (killed by Kratos)
 Warrior with a helmet of invisibility
 Animated statue of a Helios, destroyed by Kratos using the Blade of Olympus
 Sister of Fate that determines fates of mortal and immortals
 Sister of Fate that can manipulate people's pasts
 Sister of Fate responsible for creating threads of life

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