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Morgarath's old featIt was destroyed in a war
A drug Yard slaves in Skandia takeWill becomes an addict
The animal that injured TugIs in the 12th book
The name of the heavy knife Rangers carryIs made from steel folded over itself several times
The colour of the oakleaf retired rangers wearIs one up from silver
Erak's official title as of book fourLeader of Skandia
What contains the poison that almost kills Haltcomes from the purple assasins
Halt's family backgrondHalt's status
Horace's insigniasame as a Rangers
What creatures killed Will's fathermindless animals that follow one commander mentally
Who gives Alyss away at her weddingIn the 12th book
Who marries AlyssIn the 12th book
Lady Pauline's husbandA ranger
who does Jenny have a crush onA tall ranger
What is a child in the warda parentless child
What colour eyes has Will gotin most of the books
what colour eyes has Cassandra got
What creature does svengal believe effect the tidesin the 3rd book
Who is Halt's best man at his weddinghis 'son'
Who becomes the prince of Araluen as of book 12he is a natural swordsman
What is King Duncan's childhood nickname for the princessThe princes is Cassandra
What is the ranger horse trainer's namehe's in the first book
What does Will's last name becomeHe is named this in recognition of Araluen and Skandia's bond
What feat does will grow up in
Where do girls wear short skirtsHalt says they wear short skirts to run faster as couriers
How many people does Halt throw out windowsits in the extended version of the second book
What is Tug's codewordswhat does one have to say to be able to ride
What is Cassandra's servant's nameCassandra is known by this name for quite some time
When did the 4th book occurcheak out the map at the start of the book

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