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The Showoff
The Beast From The East
The Rated-R Superstar
GOAT/ The Ayatollah of Rock 'N' Rolla
King of The Cruiserweights
The Man/ Kingslayer
The Guy
The Dude
The Animal
The Brain
The Bad Gay
The Man of 1,000 Holds
The Bionic Red Neck/ The Texas Rattle Snake
The Viper
The Cleaner
The Dirtiest Player in The Game
The King of Kings
The Heartbreak Kid
The Deadman
The Excellence of Execution
The Champ
The Queen
The Ah Ah Ah man
The Eater of Worlds
Mrs. Foley's Baby Boy
Legit Boss
Charismatic Enigma
The Man with a Plan
Dr. Death
The Hugger
The Broken One
The Beast
The Devil's Favorite Demon
Macho Man
The Human Suplex Machine
Hot Rod
The Anvil
The People's Champ
The American Dream
The American Nightmare
Captain Charisma
The Toast of The Coast
The Glorious One
Samoan Submission Specialist Machine
Pycho Killer
American Dragon
The Phenomenal One
The Rainmaker
Awesome One

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