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Can you name the VINE REFERENCES part 2?

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what the f*ck is up (?)? no, what did you say? what the f*ck, dude. step the f*ck up, (?)
when there's too much (?) at school, all you gotta do is: walk away-yay-yay
i love you, (?). i ain't gon never stop loving you, (????)
has anyone ever told you you look like (?)? nah they usually say i look like shalissa. who the f*ck is that? me, b*tch
i'm in me mum's car... (?) (?)
put that candy back i'm not buying you all that (?). try me b*tch
not to be racist or anything, but (?) people SUUUUUCK
(?) work ahead? uh, yeah, i sure hope it does
miss (?)? miss (?)? miss (?)? oh my f*ckin god she f*ckin dead
if you put your hand on me imma f*ckin rip your face off, b*tch. what did he do to him? he f*ckin (?) me
it's an (?).. thanks
mothertrucker dude. that hurt like a (?) on a stick
what up, i'm (?), i'm 19, and i never f*cking learned how to read
hey i'm lesbian. i thought you were (?)?
AH!!! StOP! i coulda dropped my (?)
i ain't got no (?) cuz of y'all, y'all never gonna (?) cuz of me
i can't (?) you've done this.
i thought you were (?). turns out you're just a fam
happy chrismas. it's chrimas! merry crisis. merry (?)!
to make a long f*ckin story short, i put a whole bag of (?) up my ass

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Created Dec 18, 2017ReportNominate
Tags:dead, depressing, funeral, meme, memory, rip, sad

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