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actually, meghan, i can't sit anywhere. i have (?)
hi welcome to (?)
can i get a (?)? can i please get a (?)?
there's only one thing worse than a rapist. boom. a (?).
get to del taco, they got a new thing called (?)
i knooow you're (?)
hey it's ya boy uh (?)
(?)!!!!! please stop dropping that okay sweetie
f*ck ya (?)
hurricane katrina? more like hurricane (?)
i've got my hat on (?) and it's time to f*ckin party
look at all those (?)
ooooh i like your accent where ya from? i'm (?). oh my bad
b*tch gon step on my f*ckin toes b*tch with the f*ckin (?) f*ckin boots b*tch disgusting
would you not eat my (?)
oh my god there's a fire! no i'm just (?). oh i'm sorry are you a smoke detector? that's what i thought shut up BEEP
f*ck off janet, i'm not going to your f*cking (?)
i said whoever threw that (?) yo moms a hoe
shut the hell your (?)
everyone say colorado! i'm a (?)
and they were (?). oh my god they were (?)
ew what the f*ck? is that (?)? stop.
yoga (?) a week
two bros chillin in a hot tub (?) apart cuz they're not gay
hi this is my impression of when (?) goes to wash her hands and the water's too hot
*gunshot* this is why (?) doesn't f*cking love you
on all levels except physical, i am a (?). arf
i wanna be a (?) baby
okay class let's take roll.. um (?)
don't f*ck with me!! i have the power of god and (?) on my side
iagasydgfiygasidgf lipstick in my (?) white bag
this b*tch (?) yeet
these stairs are like haunted, apparently some girl died here when she was like 9. i'm (?) so stfu
a (?) flew around my room before you came
hey how you doin lil mama lemme whisper in ya ear... it's free (?)

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