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the way in which factors such as skills,abilities, personalities, perceptions, attitudes, values and ethics differ from one individual to another
age, gender, tenure, marital status are the 4 types of 2 words, plurial
unique and relatively stable pattern of behavior, thoughts, and emotions shown by individuals
locus of control, self-efficacy, self-esteem and self monitoring are the 4 components of2 words, plurial
what are the 4 biographical characteristics5 words, spaces, no coma
in personality attributes, 'i control what happens to me' is an example of _____ locus of control
in personality attributes 'people and circumstances control my fate' is an example of ______ locus of control
list the 5 personality traitsall with space, no comma
the myers-briggs type indicator (MBTI) is based on ____ ____'s theoriesname of the person
'people are fundamentally alike but are also different, human similarities/differences understood by combining preferences, no preferences better than others are theories of _ _ _ the 4 letters
what preferences are explaned by 'how one re-energizes' in the MBTI preferences2 words
what represents 'how one gathers information' in the MBTI preferences?2 words
what preferences are defined by ' how one makes decisions' in the MBTI theories ?2 words
how one orients the outer words is the description of the _____ & ____ preferences in the MBTI theories2 words
_____, _____ ______ and cognition are the 3 components of the ABC model3 words
The ____ attitude of the ABC model is measured by physiological indicators and verbal statements about feelings such as ' I don't like my boss'
'I wan't to transfer to another department is an example of a _____ intention attitude in the ABC model
Which attitude is measured by the attitude scales and verbal statments about beliefs such as ' I believe my boss plays favorites at work'
attitudes are formed from _____ experience and ____ learning
a pleasure or positive emotional state resulting from the appraisal of one's job or job experiences2 words
a production worker is a ______ worker but a happy worker is not necessary a _____ worker2 words
strength of an individual's identification with an organization2 words
______ is the agreement with organization
the _____ organizational commitment is the lack of options
the _____ strength of organizational commitment is the social pressure to remain

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