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The process of transmitting information from one person or place to another
What is the process by which individuals attend to organize, interpret and retain information from their environment
the personality, psychology or experience based differences that influence people to ignore or pay attention to a particular stimuli is
the tendency to notice and accept objects and information consistent with our values, beliefs and expectations while ignoring, screening out, or not acception inconsistent stimul o
the tendency to fill in gaps of missing information by assuming that what we don't know is consistent with what we already know is
a theory that states that we all have a basic need to understand and explain the causes of other people's behavior is the
the tendendy for people to perceive themselves as personally and situationally similar ton someone who is having difficulty or trouble is
the tendency to ignore external causes of behavior and to attribute eother people;s actions to internal causes
the tendency to over estimate our value by attributing successes to ourselves (internal causes) and attributing failures to others or the environment (external causes
putting a message into a written, verbal or symbolic form that can be recognized and understood by the receiver
the process by which the receiver translates the written, verbal, or symbolic form of message into an understood message
in the communication process, a return mesage to the sender that indicates the receiver's understanding of the message
anything that interferes with the transmission of the intended message
vocabulary particular to a prodession or group
all elements of communication that do not involve words or language
bands of concentric space radiating outward from the body
what is the study of body movement and posture?
what is the way of communication where the most messages are transmitted per dayfollowed by emails
What part of a working day is spent to communicate - in average %give a number - no sign
What is the most important skill that firms are looking for in college graduatedmost important skill -
which skill is the number one skill that people on the work place are missingthis skill is keeping employees from progressing and advancement
what are the 4 functions of managementgive name separated with coma
which function of management refers to determining organizational goals and a means for achieving them
what is inspiring and motivating workers function of management
to which type of management deciding where decisions will be made, who will do what jobs, who will for whom, correspond
monitoring progress toward goals and taking corrective action when needed
What are planning, organizing, leading and controlling
What is the sender part of the communication process3 stages of communication through sending message
the communication chanel is part of the
Process by which individuals attend to, organize, interpret, and retain information from their environmentsof the message
what are the 6 stages of the perception channelthe way the receiver will understand and memorize the transmitted message
Formal communication, informal communication, communication medium, listening and feedback are components of
what is The system of official channels that carry organizationally approved messages and information
3 styles of formal communication
what is the risk involved with telling upper management about problemsexample of upward communication
Transmission of messages from employee to employee outside of formal communication channels
70% of what people learn about their companies they pick up by chatting with coworkers in the cafeteria, at the coffee machine, or in the corridors is an example ofinflow flows very rapidely, generally accurate
Typically based on speculation, someone’s overactive imagination, and wishful thinking, rather than facts is an example of informal communication. ex: pepsi or McDo
what are the methods of communication
which communication is a two-ways communication, Helps get people’s immediate attention and is preferred for ambiguous messages
directions on how to solve a technical problem is an example ofpreferred for ambiguous messages
sharing a price list is an example ofpreferred for communicating clear messages
which communication best describes a generally one-way communication, Provides permanent documents to which people can later refer and is preferred for communicating clear messages
mode of dress, waiting time, seating position are examples of
what is the percentage of messages sent nonverballygive a number - estimation in %
body language and facial expressions, tone and pitch are part of
what is referenced by social media and virtual communication
Keep your meetings rare, Show your technology who’s boss,Give yourself a time-out, say no and delete are the best way of
People often become depersonalized, Difficult to determine body language and tone, Can often be misunderstood, Use of emoticons, are challenges of
What are the 3 steps to send an email
Lack of interest in the subject, Distractions Attitude toward the person, Defensiveness, Evaluation and Judgment are common barriers ofRelate it to our own problems Provide solutions (“Mr. Fix-It”) Deny the other person’s emotions
what has been linked to employee motivation and satisfaction?
what program, if poorly implemented, can *hurt* performance.
Focus on task not person, Include information on how to improve, Include formal goal-setting plan, Minimize information on performance relative to others, Different for high vs. lo
what Focus on the problem instead of the person, Match your words and your body language , acknowledge the other person’s ideas, Keep the conversation going
Different words may mean different things to different people, Different cultural norms for certain words, Same word can mean different things are examples of
what 2/3 of large companies in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand have employees in 6 or more countries are faced to?
Learn local cultural rules, Don’t take anything for granted, Show respect for everyone, Speak slowly, clearly, and in straightforward language, Try to speak the local language, a
Communication is
with communication comes
when it leaves your mouth it becomes part of your _________ record
system of official channels that carry organizationally approved messages and information
communication that flows from higher to lower levels in an organization
communication that flows from lower to higher levels in an organization
communication that flows among managers and workers who are at the same organizational level
communicating with someone for the direct purpose of improving the person's on the job performance or behavior
communicating with someone about non job related issues that may be affecting of interfering with the person's performance
the pitch, rate, tone, volume and speaking pattern of one's voiceuse of silences, pauses or hesitations
the method used to deliver an oral or written message
the act or process of perceiving sounds
assuming half the responsibility for successful communication by actively giving the speaker non judgmental feedback that shows you've accurately heard what he's said
understanding the speaker perspective and personal frame of reference and giving feedback that conveys that understanding to the speaker
feedback that disapproves without any intention if being helpful and almost always causes a negative or defensive reaction in the recipient
feedback intended to be helpful, corrective and encouraging
web or software based discussion tools that allow employees to ask questions and share knowledge
speeches and meetings originally made to a smaller audience that are either simultaneously broadcast to other locations in the company or videotaped for subsequent disctribution an
when employees withhold information about organizational problem or issues
phone number that anyone in the company can all anonymously to leave information for upper management
information that is collected from surveys given to organizational members and then compiled, disseminated and used to develop action plan for improvement
a erson website that provides personal opinion or recommendations news summaries and reader comments
what are the 5 R of apologies
That means acknowledging the offense with real specificity
When you accept responsibility for something, you claim moral agency for the offense, squarely and solely, without excuses you take _______
What’s required is simply using the words “I’m sorry” or “I apologize.” The use of these words is non-negotiable. Without using those specific words, you may as well no
This is, to me, perhaps the most important of the steps because it’s the one that can demonstrate concrete action. You can’t talk your way out of a situation you acted your way
It’s something that a lot of folks leave out. It’s the promise not to repeat the behavior. To apologize for being late every time we meet, I need to say something like, “And
the typical complains that men and women make about each other are part of
Women, get to bottom line quickly and succinctly. Men, understand that when women tell a story, they are building common ground with you. Is an example of
The female's first priority is_________
The make first priority is _________
One on one communication can be managed by choosing the right communication _________, being a good ________ and giving ________ feedbackwrite the 3 words with space in between, no coma
managers usually prefer ______ communication because it provides the opportunity to ask questions and assess nonverbal communication
one way to improve listening skills is to be an __________ listener and an ________________ listenerthe one who clarify response, paraphrase and summarize. show desire to understand, relfect feelings
the two opposed forms of feedback are _____________ and ____________the positive first, then the negative. space, no coma
to be _____________, feedack must be immediate, focused on specific behaviors and problem oriented
because of _________ _______, such as selective perception and closure, people exposed to the same information or stimuli often end up with very different perceptions and understan
in general, workers are more likely to explain behavior from a __________ ________, in which they attribute problems to external causes
when workers receive _______ _______ from managers, they may become defensive and emotional and not hear what their managers have to say.
________ and ___________ represent a significant challenge to effective communication and understanding in organization2 words, space, no coma, purials
organizational communication depends on the _______ process, _______ and ________ communications channels, one on one _________ and ________ communication5 words, space, no coma
the 4 majors components of the communication process are4 words, space, no coma
_________ often mistakenly assume that they can pipe their intended messages directly into _________'s head with perfect clarity2 words, plurials, space, no coma
formal organization channels such as ___________, __________ and ________ communication carry organizationally approved messages and informations3 words, no coma, space
the ________ communication channel, also called the _________, arises out of curiosity and is carried out through grossip or cluster chains.
the 2 kinds of one on one communication are2 words, space, no coma
nonverbal communication such as __________ and _________, accounts for as much as 93% of the transmission of a message content2 words no coma space

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