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Emma, Cleo and Rikki are just three ordinary teenage girls with ordinary teenage issues, until one magical day when they're transformed into mermaids.
The girls are trying to keep their fish tails a secret, but when socialite Miriam throws a pool party, all they can do is try to stay dry.
When the girls learn that sea turtles are getting caught in nets, it's Rikki and Emma to the rescue. But fishermen think they've got a shark problem.
Emma is having second thoughts about throwing her annual sleepover party, but Rikki and Cleo manage to convince her otherwise.
When Cleo's little sister gets her mitts on Cleo's diary, she threatens to expose the three friends for the 'evil mermaids' she thinks they are.
Emma's kid brother, Elliot, tries to prove his fearlessness by hanging ten, but when a big wave takes him down, Rikki comes to his rescue.
As the full moon approaches, Miss Chatham issues a dire warning that Cleo just can't bring herself to take seriously.
Lewis takes a job as research assistant to a noted marine biologist, but the girls are worried that he might slip and give away their secret.
Rikki collects rare fish for a breeder. However, when Rikki finds out he's poaching the fish, she's determined to restore the balance of nature.
The girls are inspired by a film contest on the subject of heroes. Emma focuses on her mom as her subject, but this holds no interest for Rikki.
When Byron seeks coaching from Emma, she's torn over what to do. After all, it's a huge risk that threatens to expose her secret.
The moon is full again, and Cleo feels its powerful effects, singing a siren song that has the boys all over town swooning.
Miss Chatham keeps speaking of a treasure she's out to retrieve, and when Zane gets wind of it, he wants in on the action.
Cleo confronts the reality of yet another birthday party thrown by her dad. Zane is out to learn the identity of the sea creature that saved his life.
Emma loves her job at the café, at least until she's left in charge of new employee Rikki, who doesn't take kindly to her authoritarian ways.
Zane seeks assistance from Cleo in his hunt for the sea monster that saved him, which leads to her family believing that Zane is Cleo's boyfriend.
When a thunderstorm threatens to out the girls as mermaids, they pretend to be sick. But their lie attracts the attention of their parents.
The full moon is back, and this time it's Rikki's turn to fall under its sway. She loses control of her powers and flees to Mako Island.
Cleo's cousin Angela is a force to be reckoned with. While Cleo's dad mistakes her for a model of maturity, she proves to be a reckless wild child.
Lewis enters a fishing contest, and Cleo uses her powers to help him win. However, her plan backfires when Lewis is accused of cheating.
Emma dyes her hair red, with decidedly mixed results. Zane's quest for the sea monster leads him to Miss Chatham and her old homestead.
Romance heats up between Rikki and Zane, and Cleo and Emma find out. Cleo demands that Rikki choose between her mer-friends and her new boy.
When Rikki spies a locket with an uncanny resemblance to Miss Chatham's in a jewelry shop, Zane doesn't understand her desperate desire to possess it.
Emma and Cleo hope that Byron and Lewis will ask them to the school dance. Lewis is left to ponder the significance of science vs. magic.
Emma refuses to accompany her family on their annual vacation. Dr. Denman's return brings Zane even closer to learning the secret of his sea monster.
Their mermaid identities no longer a secret, Cleo, Emma and Rikki must evade a trap being laid by the devious Dr. Denman.

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