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CastShowAired in
Rocky, CeCeNovember 2010
Miley Jackson Lilly OliverMarch 2006 (No Longer Running)
Candace Ferb PerryAugust 2007
Casey Derek Edwin Lizzie MartiSeptember 2005 (No longer Running)
China Olive FletcherMay 2011
Zach Cody Lodon Woody BaileySeptember 2008 (No Longer Running)
Zach Cody Carrie Arwin MaddieMarch 2005 (No longer running)
Teddy P.J. Gabe CharlieApril 2010
Alex Justin Harper MaxOctober 2007
Lizzie Miranda GordoJanuary 2001 (No longer running)
CastShowAired in
Louis Ren Donnie SteveJune 2000 (No longer running)
Penny BeBe CeCe DijonaySeptember 2001 (No longer running)
Cory Shawn Eric TopangaSeptember 1993 (No Longer Running)
Cory Newt Meena SophieJanuary 2007 (No Longer Running)
Phil Keely Pim CurtisJune 2004 (No longer Running)
Raven Eddie Cory ChelseaJanuary 2003 (No longer Running)
Kim Ron RufusJuly 2002 (No longer Running)
Kuzco Kronk YzmaJanuary 2006 (No longer runnning)
Joe Kevin Nick Stella MacieMay 2009 (Cancelled)

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